Leap Therapeutics is a patient focused company.

We've all known someone important to us, a family member, friend, or co-worker, who has fought cancer. We admire the commitment of all of the patients who choose to enroll in clinical trials. We appreciate the dedication of the doctors, nurses, staff, and patient advocacy groups that support cancer patients and their loved ones. We work every day to develop new targeted therapies for cancer patients.

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Trial number Indication Therapy Trial name
NCT04363801 Gastroesophageal cancer DKN-01 + tislelizumab + CAPOX
DKN-01 + tislelizumab
+ chemotherapy
NCT04166721 Gastroesophageal cancer DKN-01 + Tecentriq®
+ chemotherapy
NCT05480306 Colorectal cancer DKN-01 + bevacizumab
+ chemotherapy
NCT05761951 Endometrial сancer DKN-01 + Keytruda®
NCT05153096 Claudin18.2 expressing solid tumors NBL-015 (FL-301)

Cancer indications